Trash the Dress (Eng) - Adolfo Maciocco

The 'Trash the dress' is not your typical wedding shoot

A trend born a few years ago in the US that is getting more popular among the most intrepid couples in Europe as well.

The service is realized any time after the wedding in the most spectacular settings: on the beach, in the countryside or any other suggestive place you can think of.

The bride and groom will have to be ready to wear their wedding dresses like any other dress that will surely get dirty and wet.

L' ingresso in acqua

The best place for Trash the Dress in Northern Sardinia is certainly the beach. I started my journey as an underwater photographer and this service is the meeting point between my two greatest passions, that's why I love bringing the bravest couples in the water with me.

Nothing to worry about! The entry into the water will be gradual and you will need to hold your breath for maximum 2-3 seconds at the time.

Most of the best shots are taken very close to the surface, so no reason to go deep

. For the more adventurous, if the buoyancy of the bride's dress allows it, it is also possible to venture into higher water by swimming or organizing the shooting from a boat.

The results we can get in the water are truly spectacular and the experience is so much fun. Underwater photography and Marriage Reportage I started with this kind of photography in the pool, where I already had fun with personal projects of Underwater Fine Art.

The pool is ideal for creative projects and offers warm and wave-free conditions even in the winter months.

In the warmer months, it is really a shame not to take advantage of the unique conditions offered by the Sardinian sea. Being based in Olbia, we really are spoiled for choice about the locations. In less than thirty minutes we reach both the area of Porto Cervo and all of the Costa Smeralda or San Teodoro and Budoni if we go towards the south.       

One of my favorite locations is close to Cala Moresca beach in Golfo Aranci, a real natural oasis that offers shelter even during windy days.

The Trash the Dress is the best opportunity to revive the clothes of the couple and give a touch of madness to symbols so important for your union.

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