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Our service will be completely tailored to you and your big day.

We'll see together the " plan of action", according to your own specifics needs and tastes, just to give you the most personalized experience ever.

Our photographic style is pure Reportage with very little poses, but we will always be available for the group pictures with friends and family. 

The preparation of the bride and the groom

The preparation of the bride and the groom is a part of the wedding we really love to photograph.

Adolfo will follow the preparation of the bride while Cristina will follow the groom.

This time of the day is so full of joy and emotions to capture with our cameras.

It will take only 20 minutes to get used to our presence and forget about being in front of a camera.

This is the time when the real action will start and we’ll be ready to capture that moment from behind the scene.

The first encounter

We will follow both of you until your first encounter before the ceremony that normally takes place in front of the altar or at the bride’s place.

Having two pro photographers at the same time gives you a continuous counter view during the most important moments of the wedding like the first encounter, the exchange of the rings the first dance, etc.

The wedding ceremony

Our job during the ceremony might vary according to the location’s rules.

Each celebrant, especially during a religious ceremony, has its own rules we will need to respect. For this reason, we always visit the location and try to contact the celebrant of the ceremony before the wedding day.

This will give us a chance to check the light conditions and the best angles of the place but also the possibility to speak to the celebrant.

The wedding party

After all the official photos of the wedding ceremony are done, we will concentrate on you and your guest during the wedding party.

The best time where to have some group pictures taken with your friend and family.

We’ll be dancing and cheering with you during this part of the wedding. We believe is important to be “part of the wedding” in order to get the best possible candid pictures of the events. Our photos will be able to transmit those real emotions to you and your family for many years to come. Our full service lasts about 10 to 12 hours. The end of it often coincides with the bride throwing the bouquet. After this, normally the alcoholic levels are so high that is better not to have any photographic proof…

The photo excursion with the couple

This is a photo shoot just for the two of you during the wedding. We will choose the best location, not too far from the reception, where to take some amazing pictures of the two of you. Even during this time, we will keep a natural and dynamic style, very far from the classic posed wedding photos you often see. This session will only take about 30 minutes so you won’t be leaving your guest alone for too long.

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